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What is MMS?


MMS – Miracle Mineral Supplement Solution is a breakthrough formulation of an old product -stabilized Oxygen, also known as Dioxychlor. Which was reformulated after a gentleman named Jim Humble noticed while on a mining expedition in Guyana, South America that the stabilized oxygen product that he always brought with him on his out-of-the- country trips for extra water purifying protection, seemed to help his companions when they came down with Malaria? This event sparked a curiosity in Mr. Humble that led him on his journey of experimentation in trying to find out what and how much of the active ingredient was needed to work each and every time to rid the body of Malaria without harm. The old stabilized oxygen products were not strong enough to overcome every case of malaria all of the time. So, Jim set about creating a product that would defeat all cases. Eventually he discovered that the active ingredient in the product was not oxygen at all, but sodium chlorite, which is what he discovered, is the active ingredient that actually produces the chlorine dioxide when it is activated by an acid activator.
Chlorine dioxide is the most powerful destroyer of pathogens known to man, a potent detoxifier, an excellent alkalizer, and an oxidizer. It has been known and used in industrial applications for many years as an antiseptic and sterilizer. It is used to cleanup up after Anthrax, medical biohazards, meat and food processing. All over Europe and other parts of the world, Chlorine dioxide has been used for a non-toxic means of water purification for many years instead of normally used toxic chlorine!
Through shear tenacity Mr. Humble tried experiment after experiment to find out the right percentage for the current formula. MMS is a 28% sodium chlorite and distilled water solution vs. 3% in the old stabilized oxygen products.  This increased the concentration of chlorine dioxide available for the body to use to eliminate itself of its pathogen overload. This in turn increased the release of available chlorine dioxide for purifying our own bodies’ internal waters. Then he set out to increase its effectiveness by increasing the action and release of the chlorine dioxide through an activator. But what Activator, again through trial and error and countless experiments he came upon a food acid, acetic acid = vinegar, then lemon and lime juice, now the best activator seems to be a 10% citric acid solution.
When you consume the MMS solution your red blood cells, or oxygen-rich blood cells, these blood cells pick up the MMS through the stomach wall. The red blood cells continue on their journey throughout the body, carrying nutrients and oxygen to the cells and taking away the waste products. The MMS, now in the form of chlorine dioxide, is attracted to acidic low PH (-7) cells, such as parasite, fungi, or diseased cells. Once it’s in your system, the activated sodium chlorite solution targets those cells that are below a PH value of seven, positively charged or acidic cells like a guided missile. Most pathogens known to man are below the PH of 7, very acidic. These low PH diseased cells and pathogens are oxidized by having their electrons stripped away by the chemical action of the chlorine dioxide thus rendering any buildup of immunity, resistance or mutation futile! MMS does not affect healthy cells or friendly floras, those that are more alkaline, negatively charged or above the PH level of seven are left unharmed.
Once this occurs the remaining chlorine dioxide can combine forces with our immune system in the making of hypochlorous acid. The body produces a minute amount of chlorine dioxide as part of the immune system. This gets converted through several steps to hypochlorous acid.  Our natural supply of hypochlorous acid destroys killer cells, pathogens and cancerous cells. It is however often deficient these days due to our over-whelmed, under-nourished, compromised immune systems. The immune system is supercharged by chlorine dioxide, by allowing it to be relieved and unburdened so it can overcome and heal from the effects of the pathogenic overload of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, parasites and molds.
Through the use of MMS the Immune System can finally be unburdened and relieved enough to allow it to Heal, Repair and Regenerate through all means and modalities possible and available. Whole Organic Maximum Nutrition Food, Herbs, Pure Water, Supplements, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy work, Body work, you name it, it can finally do what it can do without having to compete for the  benefits! Maybe we can finally be all we can be!
Mr. Humble after increasing the efficacy of the reformulated MMS began to communicate with a new friend in Tanzania, who later started to give Malaria stricken people the new reformulated MMS solution that Jim, had sent him. Later on as the word and use of MMS spread, reports came from  Kenya, Malawi and Uganda in East Africa that not only was Malaria being cleared from the body, but many other things were being cleared as well, such as AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer, and Tuberculosis.
Since that time news has come from a Mexican University Professor from Hermosillo that reports of an antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis prison inmate patient  that had been tested positive before and then after MMS treatment to be free of tuberculosis.
To date more than 100,000 people have been cleared in Africa, Central, South America and Mexico of Malaria and other problems as mentioned.
Thank You and Good Luck!







Disclaimer; This information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to lead anyone away from a qualified health practitioner. We make absolutely no claims to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. These products are for personal research and investigation. We cannot take any responsibility for those who may want to treat themselves. If you have a medical condition, we urge you to be supervised by a qualified healthcare professional of your choice. This product, along with all protocols, recommendations, and information have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not approved for human use or application.  
















  1. I made it up to 12 drops twice a day! It got too intense with everything else I was doing. I hope to get back to it again in a few months.

    Same thing happened to my Mom. My husband, however, went up to 15 for a couple of weeks.

    We all can tell the difference in how we feel! It is amazing stuff.

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