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 MMS Nausea Can Be Reduced or Avoided!

Over 200,000 people are now taking MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), hoping to eliminate body toxins. MMS is a broad spectrum two-cent per dose germicidal agent that you mix in your kitchen. People drink it to remove pathogens and heavy metals from the body, claiming they can eventually achieve total detoxification.

If you aren’t involved with MMS yet, the health benefits and testimonials have proven to be extra-ordinary. People report being fully cleared of malaria, tuberculosis, and other pathogens that disappear from their blood tests – sometimes in two to ten days.

MMS was Invented and packaged for internal use in 2001 by Inventor Jim Humble. Between 2001 and 2006 over 75,000 human volunteers demonstrated the amazing ability of MMS to rid the body of virtually any and all viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and poisons. Now available on the internet for general use, a few doctors have begun to use MMS in their clinics claiming that MMS boosts the immune system. It radically detoxifies the body in ways similar to competing oxygen therapies but without harming any living body cells.

For 70 years chlorine dioxide gas was used to eliminate bacteria from garden vegetables, and to purify city water supplies. It is the preferred method of removing anthrax from wherever it needs to be excised.

Jim Humble formulated a way to produce chlorine dioxide in slow release form within the stomach. Beginning in 2001 many people who were doomed with malaria or TB were rescued and brought back to disease-free health by using MMS as the agent for pathogen removal. For those who follow the inventor’s dosage and mixing instructions (posted at end of article) there is hope for recovery from all sorts of illnesses.

MMS is said to get rid of insecticides, most heavy metals, Candida bumps in arteries, poisons, and possibly all of the killer diseases where viruses or bacteria are involved. Think of MMS as a broad spectrum antibiotic but it has no fine print about side effects, no prescriptions, no environmental worries, no warnings, and very low cost. Children and adults take varieties of MMS-like pills or liquids on camping trips in the form of water-purifying drops. Further information about MMS is in the links at the end of article.

MMS users are sometimes surprised by sudden nausea as they increase dosage along the way to comprehensive detoxification.

This article asserts that MMS users can reduce and even avoid nausea
as they progress through the detoxification process.

By closely observing how chorine dioxide progressively destroys pathogens, MMS users can act to reduce or prevent nausea.

Nausea occurring during the one to three drop phase can be reduced or avoided completely.

Using standard instructions, MMS users start with one drop morning and evening (mixed as directed). The next day they move up to two drops morning and evening, etc. Eventually at the 15 drop (or higher) level they stay at that high level for 5 to 7 days, then drop back to a small maintenance level of 4 to 6 drops twice each week.

Recently it was discovered that a few people are allergic to citric acid. The MMS instructions state that one or another weak acid must be mixed with MMS. Five drops acid mixed with each one drop of MMS. If someone experiences nausea at the one drop level, it could indicate a reaction caused by the use of citric acid. Probably one or two drops of citric acid under the tongue would trigger the reaction if that is a factor to be considered.

Similarly, a few people are allergic to lemon juice which could cause an early nauseous reaction. Such people can easily switch to another acid such as lime juice or unfiltered vinegar. These early nausea cases represent rare anomalies. Nausea can be bypassed easily by experimenting with different acids at the one drop level. (For the uninitiated, the MMS and acid is mixed and then after three minutes it is diluted with water or apple juice for easy drinking).

There’s logic to this slow dosage ramp-up. The liquid that you drink slowly releases chlorine dioxide in the stomach. Red blood cells pick it up cheerfully (they think it’s oxygen) and the blood carries a small amount of the gas to all parts of the body. The gas has no attraction at all to living cells, but upon coming into proximity with a virus or bacteria, the ClO2 plunders 4 or 5 electrons out of the wall of the virus. As though struck by lightening, the virus wall collapses and its fragments float away in the blood stream to the liver where they’re recognized and marked for exit to the elimination systems. The MMS molecule also self-destructs, reverting into two molecules of water and one molecule of salt.

This is the reason why instructions mandate starting with one drop, then moving up slowly. No one knows how infested you may be with pathogens. Even walking around in good health, you still have no idea how many pathogens are going to be found and torched. Of course, maybe you’re sick already and you know there are flu or cold germs to be destroyed. Maybe TB, Maybe HIV, Maybe hidden germs from a previous infection. They will gradually get torched as you ramp up.

And what about all the years of vaccinations and injections you received since childhood (containing mercury and formaldehyde). What about the MSG in almost every can of soup, and Aspartame in diet drinks and 100 food products (sticking to the nerves)? Some people cooked for years in aluminum pots, now aluminum is in the brain along with fluoride and lead from drinking water. Have you breathed exhaust fumes? Cigarette toxins in your lungs? Mercury in teeth fillings? What will the MMS find to kill in your body – much or little?

Being in the dark about your “infestations” it’s recommended that MMS users start with a very low dosage. A few people report getting diarrhea at the two drop level. Actually this is welcome and the sooner you pass this phase the better. You’ll be pleased to know that MMS does NOT destroy desirable flora, the acidophilus, and other welcomed aids that improve nutritional absorption. The structures and PH levels of these organisms make them unattractive to the chlorine dioxide gas. Parasites and diverticular folds are readily cleared out by ClO2 in the blood stream. Old sausage links and “stuck-stuff-unmentionables” may be expelled.

As is typical of all advertised detoxifying herbs and methods, diarrhea is one of the desired outcomes. You know you’re in the detoxifying stage when your intestines want to expel whatever was undesirable. Diaper Up. Be happy. It might last two to four days. Get ready. Usually it happens at the 7 to 9 MMS drop level. But your biochemistry is unique to you. You don’t know the scope of accumulated toxin-buildup in your body. Therefore, “urgent elimination” could begin at the two drop level. Nausea, however, usually occurs later.

A few aggressive people have called who felt invincible and who started with five drops and moved up three drops each day. Some people notice no effects of any kind and imagine that “nothing’s happening – it’s not working” so they leap ahead. How soon the proud are fallen. At low levels pathogens ARE being executed. The elimination systems easily handle the small amount of debris so you imagine nothing’s happening.

Eventually there will be nausea, and even throwing up for these aggressive people. Maybe they’re the type of people who never took doctor’s orders seriously. Nausea may be disabling in some cases. You may be unable to go to work, for example. For not understanding the nature of the progression, nausea is sometimes the moment of turning back, of wanting to quit, or giving up. The cliché’ will be “I was sick already and MMS made me sicker.” Or “Marketing hype promised that MMS will bring health but it’s making me WORSE!” Even out on the internet forums you’ll see crude talk like “Can’t believe what a scam this is – I puked all day and want to warn everyone about this #xyz% MMS scam…” (This quote has been weakened a bit….”)

So let’s be clear: If you want to detoxify with any herbal or other Detox product on the market, you’re asking for bowels to be cleared out and other things as well. Diarrhea and nausea are not unique to MMS. However, unlike other Detox products, the MMS option costs mere pennies. It clears metals out of your brain and fungus from your toes. You want clearing out? Then don’t fuss when it happens. Throwing up proves that fragments of torched pathogens were killed rapidly – too rapidly. Your elimination systems couldn’t handle that much garbage that rapidly. The garbage man knocked at your door saying “stop putting so much trash out in one day! We’ve had it with you and we aren’t going to process your garbage today until you learn to spread it out more reasonably.

MMS nausea at the seven to ten drop level can be reduced or avoided by lowering the dosage temporarily, or by increasing hours between doses.

If you understand why nausea occurs, you can probably avoid it altogether. As you move upward in dosage drops, more ClO2 gas is carried in the blood and it also goes further and deeper throughout your body with each passing day. With more of it going further, there will be a surprising moment when more pathogens, yeast, bacteria, viruses, and metals are collapsed into flotsam and jetsam particles.

They are truly garbage-toxins at this stage and they’re floating in the blood. Soon they pass through the liver where the toxins are marked for elimination.

But too much garbage coming too rapidly can put the elimination systems into stress, meaning it couldn’t keep up. These excess toxins end up back in the stomach. There they are recognized as “bad food.” Nausea might cause you to walk around the house all day carrying a little bucket – UNLESS you understand how to avoid it.

By listening to your body, you can sense when nausea might soon follow as you increase dosage. This sounds too obvious, but there’s a geometric progression – a suddenness where one additional drop will thrust you into sullen sadness. You need to hold, or back off one drop just as soon as there’s a hint of possible nausea and thereby avoid it.

There is an antidote if you ever feel “overdosed” with MMS. If disabling nausea erupts suddenly with no warning, the antidote that stops further production of ClO2 gas is to quickly drink water with about two tea spoons of baking soda. That will neutralize the production of ClO2. Since there are toxins in the stomach already, after you stop ClO2 production it may be 30 to 60 minutes before nausea ceases. Another antidote is orange juice, or vitamin C which also diminishes the production of ClO2 gas.

Here’s an analogy that explains the SUDDEN aspect. Picture this assignment. You want to cut a 20 mile path through a forest of bamboo and tall jungle grass. You start on day one from your hut with one machete (one drop dose). Hacking begins and by nightfall you’ve cleared a path for 100 feet. The knife is worn out (MMS is used up) and you go home for the night. Stay with me – this is going somewhere….

Next day a friend joins and together you set out (two drops) – two hacking men and two machetes. BUT NOTICE:

They do a cake-walk down the first hundred feet. There’s no resistance – the path has already been cleared. They sing male duets and whistle until they reach the jungle. Then they both begin hacking. Behold, the two of them go 200 feet beyond the first 100 feet. At day end 300 hundred feet total have been cleared.

Next day a three drop team starts out – three men and three machetes. They stroll happily for 300 feet, then start hacking. Now, beyond the first 300 feet they clear 300 more feet. There are now 600 feet of cleared path. As this continues with more men (or drops) per day, there’ll be a point when the team walks 10 miles on a cleared path to the middle of the jungle, and then on that day the complete second half of the 20 mile path will get finished in one last happy day – 10 miles all in one last day. What a bunch of happy choppers on that last 10 mile hack – all in one day.

This is not true, but picture this progression. (fantasy here…) Day one the one drop dose gets a little ClO2 out to the shoulders. Next day the two drop dose finds that a path was cleared previously all the way to the shoulders – no pathogens to be found. So, the gas on day two starts at the shoulders and gets to the upper arms, killing pathogens. On day three the gas finds no resistance and there’s more of it available so it kills pathogens all the way from elbow-to-wrist areas – and because there’s more gas than before it even goes to the fingers.

That’s a silly example because each day the gas actually does go further and deeper all over the body and each day there’s more of it. No gas was self-sacrificed or used up along the way on each new day so ClO2 can suddenly reach new places and upon discovery of remote germs, it can SUDDENLY release so many toxins so rapidly that YOU WILL GET NAUSEA due to garbage overload – something like clearing 10 miles of jungle all in one day SUDDENLY.

These analogies attempt to explain the hair-trigger suddenness of nausea onset. So what can you do?

You can watch carefully at the 7 to 10 drop levels to sense whether you should place more hours between doses, or possibly back down one drop for a few days. Notice that you will get past the nausea stage somewhere along the ramp to the 15 drop level. Diarrhea will cease and nausea will cease unless the gas encounters another large swath of pathogens somewhere else in your body.

Glands have the least blood supply – lymph, breast, prostate, thyroid so MMS may get there last. Some poisons cling to nerve cells and may be among the last to yield to the ClO2 gas. Fungus under toe nails may be among the last to crumble and depart.

Until I experienced severe nausea myself, I thought nausea was a childish complaint – a harmless event. “Just buck up!!” I thought. But if nausea makes you quit using MMS, and if there’s a workaround to reduce the problem, then I hope you read further before quitting.

To experience the dreaded nausea I stopped taking MMS for a few days at the nine drop level. It seemed that nothing was happening up to that level – I felt invincible. A few days later I jumped back in at the 12 drop level to see what would happen. Well, it was just awful. I lost a full day of activity. Couldn’t walk it off or sleep it off. No TV program was of interest. Just a continual nagging surprise that nausea could be this bad and actually put people out of commission. I was afraid I wouldn’t throw up – it would have helped. Easily 14 hours were lost from productivity.

Summarizing – THERE”S NO NEED TO EVER GET NAUSEA from MMS. Upon receiving the smallest nausea signals, strategically reduce dosage slightly. Detoxification will continue but without causing overload. The only exception might be in the case of tumors that grow faster than MMS can nibble at it’s edges but normally that’s not an issue. Since nausea can make you miss work or stop normal activities – and since you don’t want to feel sick day after day, consider backing off in the dosage, or place more hours between doses. There’s no merit in rushing the process. No angel above demands 10 days of dreadful suffering and then maybe you’ll qualify for slightly better health. No, quite the opposite!

There is a relief option when you don’t back off soon enough:

It was reported to Jim Humble that if you eat cold apple slices as soon as nausea begins, the apple pulp will absorb stomach toxins that have been dumped there. Apples absorb toxins quite reliably, so keep some cold apples on hand to reduce nausea before it puts you down for the day.

Also, there are charcoal capsules at drugstores that absorb huge amounts of gas and toxins, causing toxins to “move downward.” The capsules are harmless. Two or more capsules could be swallowed using directions on the bottle.

Most of the herbal detoxifying agents on the market prepare you for prolonged nausea or diarrhea or both. Some expect you to eat very little for five days. Not so here.

Apples to the rescue. Based on the enormous population of people that Mr. Humble has treated, this apple-solution has proven to be helpful. This helps us see the reason for very gradually increasing dosage up to the 15 drop level and holding it there for a week. You should be detoxified by the end of that week and a low maintenance level is suggested thereafter. Some people actually make it to the 30 drop level.

Through all the years of our lives we’ve been taking in poisons and toxic materials that got stuck in muscle, fat, nerves, and brain. Our immune systems have been on the defensive from early childhood, devoted entirely to maintaining life defensively against a ceaseless barrage of bad air, impure water, and now genetically modified foods. The immune system has been kept very busy, sometimes retreating in effectiveness, other times just barely keeping up.

With MMS, if we push through to a 15 drop level or even up to 30 drops, and maintain it for a while, our immune systems may eventually have spare time to go on the offensive. What might happen if your immune system had nothing to do but produce surprises of restoration for you? Immune systems on the offensive are rarely seen. Missing body parts might grow back. A third set of teeth might appear in old age (does happen you know). Allergies might vanish. A missing finger might grow back. Insulin glands might begin to function again. A liver half gone in an alcoholic might regenerate to original size. First, we must detoxify. Then we might be in line for some restoration surprises.

With MMS we have opportunity to set the immune system free, empowering it to do what it was intended to do.

Thank You and Good Luck!


Disclaimer; This information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to lead anyone away from a qualified health practitioner. We make absolutely no claims to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. These products are for personal research and investigation. We cannot take any responsibility for those who may want to treat themselves. If you have a medical condition, we urge you to be supervised by a qualified healthcare professional of your choice. This product, along with all protocols, recommendations, and information have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not approved for human use or application. 






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