MMS and Health Maintenance


MMS Maintenance Mode Described

 Many people do not understand the importance of taking maintenance doses of MMS every day or at least twice a week. Most people interested in detoxifying the body realize by now that new diseases have come on the scene in the past 50 years and they are not natural diseases.

Nature hasn’t invented any new diseases, they have all been invented by man. I’m talking about HIV/AIDS, Lyme disease, Morgellons disease, Hepatitis C, and a whole host of other diseases that the human race is now facing. Millions upon millions of people are suffering and dying from diseases created by man.

Some of these diseases are transmitted by personal contact or sex, but others are spread by mechanisms that are not yet understood. Especially Lyme disease and Morgellons diseases are transmitted by unknown means. Yes, ticks are one source of the Lyme disease, but I have talked to many who have Lyme disease who never got near a tick.

And there are thousands who have “Morgellons” disease who have no idea where it came from. And guess what. Medical doctors can’t tell you where cancer comes from. Oh, they have a lot of ideas that you cannot catch cancer, but all the guys who said that cancer was cause by a microorganism have been either killed or persecuted until they were dead or imprisoned.

Then there is the flu. Every year thousands of older people and young people die from the flu. So, the point being that a tremendous amount of diseases are out there where you are, and everyone is at risk.

MMS maintenance doses and can reduce your risk by a very large amount, maybe as much as 95%. MMS supercharges your immune system by providing a chemical that the immune system needs to kill various pathogens.

Assuming you have “graduated” from the body cleansing process in which you took more and more drops of activated MMS (morning and night) up to a maximum of 15 drops morning and night – holding that level for five to seven days, then in most cases you are probably quite well cleared of body toxins, poisons, heavy metals, yeast, and fungus.

Having achieved that 15 drop level – and understanding that you may or may not get to that level in one month due to temporary diarrhea or temporary nausea barriers, after graduation, you should drop back to a lower maintenance dosage.

One example might be one eight-drop dose on Monday and Thursday mornings at 6 am, then breakfast at 8 am, thus achieving maximum Cl02 benefits.

Another example might be taking a six-drop dose every morning, except Saturday and Sunday.

One factor to consider is that MMS doses at almost any level are one of the best cancer preventatives. It seems certain now that that cancer is caused by a morphing microbe that gets inside a normal cell after circulating by blood to its resting place. That microbe would never find a hosting place among your cells if even a little MMS was circulating as often as possible. A small amount taken frequently might prevent the formation and development of cancer.

By the time a person is diagnosed with cancer, he or she may already have millions of cancer cells before most cancer tests come back with proof. Therefore it’s far better to take preventative actions.

We know that sunlight and vitamin D is a critical requirement – so don’t neglect it – this is one of many cancer prevention options.

We know there are a few human cultures (populations) that have no cancer cases at all – and their diets have huge amounts of Vitamin B17, so don’t neglect that as a possible preventative action.

We know that if sugar and sugar-forming foods could be almost eliminated (even the carbohydrates) then cancer cells will die because they live and reproduce wildly by consuming sugar – either from the blood or from surrounding tissues. So, reduce your intake of sugar, high fructose corn syrup sweeteners, and foods that convert to sugar (potato chips, French Fries – as another cancer prevention action.

We know that in many or most cases a microbe converts normal cells into cancerous cells. We have 50 years of proof that Cl02 kills all known microbes and bacteria. So don’t neglect MMS. MMS maintenance mode will assist greatly in the prevention of microbial spreading of cancer, so don’t neglect it. MMS is possibly the best disease preventative in the world. So, a disciplined MMS maintenance schedule should be established.

I hope you are never diagnosed with cancer. Those who get that bad news are immediately worth $80,000 to $200,000 dollars to the drug stores, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nurses, surgeons, radiation specialists, post-operation care providers, and insurance companies. And without MMS awareness, that costly process is sometimes repeated two or three times – if cancer re-occurs again and again.

You have a very serious reason to establish one or another schedule of periodic MMS doses. Compare two cents per dose to the costs above. At two cents per dose you may be able to completely avoid the terrifying CANCER word in your home or family.

Some people just “play around” with MMS. They wait for a toothache to happen, then brush their teeth with MMS – after the problem has arrived. MMS will usually stop a toothache almost immediately. But don’t wait until you feel a lump, or a growth, or a tumor, or a swollen gland and (too late) remember that maybe MMS will help it. Your tumor may grow faster than MMS can nibble away at it. Then you will expect the MIRACLE mineral solution to work a miracle. And it often does – unless you wake up too late.

Cancers and tumors can probably be prevented and eliminated entirely from countries and nations – if after full body cleansing, people establish and maintain.


Thank You and Good Luck!







Disclaimer; This information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to lead anyone away from a qualified health practitioner. We make absolutely no claims to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. These products are for personal research and investigation. We cannot take any responsibility for those who may want to treat themselves. If you have a medical condition, we urge you to be supervised by a qualified healthcare professional of your choice. This product, along with all protocols, recommendations, and information have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not approved for human use or application. 






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