MMS and OCC Protocol


A Glorious Day!

A Glorious Day!



The Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC)

By R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


This treatment has not been evaluated by the FDA. The term “cure,” as used in this article, is the alternative medicine definition of “cure,” meaning the vast majority of the cancer cells are killed or reverted into normal cells.

General Warnings

This is an New Cancer Treatment

This cancer treatment is new. It is experimental, though it has been proven to be totally safe even for very advanced cancer patients. In other words, its safety is NOT experimental, only its effectiveness is experimental. This treatment is based heavily on a great deal of scientific evidence combined with solid cancer theory.

Be aware that chlorine dioxide is toxic in high doses. The doses chosen for this treatment have been chosen to be well within safe, non-toxic levels. However, do not assume significantly higher doses of chlorine dioxide will be safe. Stick within the safe doses of this treatment. Several people have already taken this treatment and no one has had the slightest complaint about the doses.

Also note that this treatment is spread out over 12 hours. This is also part of the safety of this treatment. Do not take the total daily doses in less time than the treatment prescribes!!

By the way, DMSO is far, far less toxic than chlorine dioxide, thus the doses of DMSO are simply not a factor. Earlier versions of this treatment used 25 tablespoons of DMSO without a single complaint. This treatment uses less than 4 tablespoons of DMSO during the entire treatment.

Because this is a new treatment, this article changes from time to time. It is important to read this article in its entirety just before starting the treatment (i.e. after you have obtained the necessary materials). This article is still changing as feedback is received from cancer patients who have taken the treatment.

The OCC is Not Ready For Advanced Cancer Patients

It will take several months before the OCC can be fine-tuned to be effective for advanced cancer patients.

Thus, the Overnight Cure for Cancer should NOT be used by advanced cancer patients. This is not because the OCC is dangerous, it is because advanced cancer patients should not take a week off for any cancer treatment which has not been proven to be effective for advanced cancer patients.

In other words, advanced cancer patients should ONLY use alternative cancer treatments which have been proven to be effective for advanced cancer patients, such as the Cellect-Budwig Protocol or the Bill Henderson Protocol or the Cesium Chloride Protocol.

See the Cancer Tutor website for a discussion of the proven alternative cancer treatments.

Children Under Twelve Should NOT use This Treatment

Children Under Twelve Should NOT use this treatment except under the supervision of a medical professional.

Do NOT Use This Treatment With Prescription Drugs

This alternative cancer treatment should NOT be combined or used with ANY prescription drugs. The reason is that this treatment may greatly enhance the effectiveness of prescription drugs. For example, if a prescription drug binds to DMSO, which is part of this treatment, the DMSO may drag the prescription drug into the cancer cells, thus killing the cancer cells. This treatment is designed to REVERT cancer cells into normal cells. Killing cancer cells may yield undesirable inflammation and swelling and/or create excess debris from dead cancer cells.

Do NOT Use This Treatment With Some Alternative Cancer Treatments

There are two kinds of alternative cancer treatments or products which should NOT be used with this treatment.

First, this cancer treatment should NOT be combined with alternative cancer treatments which kill cancer cells. Should a product which kills cancer cells bind to the DMSO, the DMSO may allow it to kill far more cancer cells than it normally would. This could lead to excess debris from dead cancer cells.

In other words, do NOT combine this treatment with any alternative cancer treatment or product which kills cancer cells!! This treatment is so potent, if cancer cells were killed it could create a dangerous situation for the patient!!

Second, this treatment should NOT be used with alternative cancer treatment products which contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium or any other antioxidant or immune builders. These products will neutralize the effectiveness of this treatment. More will be said about these products below.

Warning For Women Who Are, or Might Be, Pregnant

Women who are pregnant, might be pregnant, might become pregnant, or are nursing, should NOT take this treatment. The affect on an unborn fetus could be fatal to the fetus due to the high doses of chlorine dioxide in this treatment combined with the extremely low weight of the fetus!! In addition, fetuses have many undifferentiated cells and this treatment will TARGET cancer cells, which are also undifferentiated!! Thus, this treatment may inadvertently target undifferentiated fetal cells!!!!


Allergies to DMSO

This treatment includes DMSO. I have never seen a case of an allergy to DMSO, but apparently in rare cases someone is allergic to DMSO. When you get your bottle of DMSO put one drop on your skin and spread it out and see if you have an allergic reaction. If not, an hour later put 10 drops on your skin and spread it out. If you do not have a reaction, go ahead with the treatment.

What Causes Cancer?

What causes cancer? Most people believe that it is DNA damage that causes cancer. While in rare situations, DNA can have a negative affect on a person’s immune system; DNA normally has absolutely nothing to do with the development of cancer.

The “theory” that DNA causes cancer is driven by a desire to convince the general public that a cure for cancer is 100 years away. This deception is to convince the general public that cancer can only be treated as a highly profitable chronic disease. The cancer treatments and propaganda which are chosen by the FDA and pharmaceutical industry (and world-wide for that matter, I know of no country on earth with honest politicians) are chosen on the basis of profitability, not effectiveness. There is no money in curing cancer, but there are hundreds of billions of dollars in pretending cancer is a chronic disease and there is no cure for cancer. All of this is nonsense driven by greed.

The fact is that cancer is caused by a special type of microbe which gets inside of normal cells and turns the cells cancerous.

Dr. Royal Rife did an enormous amount of research into the relationship between microbes and cancer in the 1930s. He would inject mice with a virus and in 100% of the time the mice would get cancer.

Dr. Rife proposed a cure for cancer which did nothing but kill these viruses. His cure was successful. However, note that his cure had no intention of killing cancer cells; its only goal was to kill microbes which were inside of the cancer cells. Once the microbes were dead the cancer cells were able to revert back into normal, differentiated cells.

Many other cancer researchers, starting over 100 years ago in the 1800s, have isolated the cause of cancer to be microbes, though they did not understand the mechanism inside the cell which caused a microbe to make a cell cancerous.

Now, the entire mechanism inside the cell which allows microbes to cause cancer is understood. We now know that a microbe which is able to get inside of a normal cell blocks glucose from being used to create pyruvate, which in turn blocks the Citric Acid Cycle and in turn the Electron Transport Chain, both in the mitochondria. Blocking these two chemical chains cause the number of ATP molecules in a cancer cell to plummet!!

A detailed discussion of how microbes cause cancer can be found in the Cancer Theory article. In essence, the article on cancer theory is also the theory behind this treatment. The cancer theory article also discusses the four different categories of treatments which can cure cancer. See this article:
Cancer Theory

You may have noted in the article just linked to that as long as microbe(s) are inside cancer cells, the cell is unable to revert into a normal cell.

While many people have tried to replicate Dr. Rife’s electro medicine cancer treatment (which was destroyed by the FDA and AMA), this treatment, the Overnight Cure For Cancer, is the first non-electro medicine cancer treatment ever designed to specifically kill the microbes inside the cancer cells as a cure for cancer.

If you kill the microbe(s) inside the cancer cells the cancer cells WILL NOT DIE!! The cancer cells will actually be able, within a few days, to restore their Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport Chain and become normal, differentiated cells again. Thus, there is zero debris from dead cancer cells or broken-apart DNA. That is why this treatment can be so effective so fast.

This treatment is not only based on solid cancer theory, it has behind it a great deal of scientific evidence.

So how is it possible to kill a microbe which is comfortably living inside a cancer cell?

First, you must get a chemical which is known to kill microbes inside the cancer cell. Chlorine dioxide is such a molecule.

So how do you get chlorine dioxide inside the cancer cells?

You use DMSO. DMSO is officially: dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO is a byproduct of the wood industry and is totally natural and will bind to many different kinds of molecules and drag them through the skin into the bloodstream (i.e. transdermally).

The details of the necessary sequence for the Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC) to work is as follows:

1) You find a molecule known to kill microbes on contact chemically, not mechanically. Chlorine dioxide is such a substance. In fact, chlorine dioxide is the substance used in the OCC to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. Because chlorine dioxide normally stays in the bloodstream, it generally only kills microbes in the bloodstream.

2) DMSO must be able to bind to chlorine dioxide so that the chlorine dioxide will get into the bloodstream transdermally. Taking chlorine dioxide orally can be a very slow process; taking weeks or months to build up to therapeutic doses. DMSO has been studied and used since the early 1960s to bind to molecules and drag them through the skin into the bloodstream.

3) Once inside the body, the DMSO, with chlorine dioxide in tow, must target cancer cells. This is a very well-known ability of DMSO. DMSO has been combined with chemotherapy, and many other substances, to get them inside of cancer cells. The DMSO/chemotherapy cancer treatment, which was designed to kill cancer cells by using DMSO to get chemotherapy inside the cancer cells, was a superb cancer treatment, but it was shut down by the FDA in Georgia.

4) Once at the site of a cancer cell, the DMSO and chlorine dioxide must get inside the cancer cell.

5) Once inside the cancer cell the chlorine dioxide must be able to kill the microbe(s) inside the cancer cells.

Once the microbe(s) are killed inside the cancer cell, the cell will be able to restore its Citric Acid Cycle and Electron Transport Chain (ETC). In about a week the cancer cell will be a normal cell. The cell will revert from an undifferentiated cell to a differentiated cell.

Most of the above items are known to be true. For example, it is KNOWN that DMSO and chlorine dioxide will bind together. And it is KNOWN that DMSO will carry chlorine dioxide throught he skin.

It is also known that chlorine dioxide can kill microbes while bound to DMSO. For example, I sprayed some chlorine dioxide, bound to DMSO, on some mould. Within a minute the mould was dead. Chlorine dioxide bound to DMSO has also been used to cure toenail fungus, thus we know DMSO and chlorine dioxide will penetrate skin, and while bound together, chlorine dioxide can kill microbes.

In fact, the only issue which has not been proven is that DMSO and chlorine dioxide, bound together, can get inside a cancer cell. However, knowing how cell membrane ports are built using proteins, and knowing the size of the DMSO / chlorine dioxide molecule, it seems obvious that they will get inside the cancer cells.

Furthermore, as just mentioned, DMSO is known to pull some forms of chemotherapy inside of cancer cells. Thus, it is highly likely it will pull chlorine dioxide through the cancer cell ports.

However, a new issue which has recently come to light is whether the diet of the person may neutralize, to some degree, the effectiveness of the chlorine dioxide itself.

This treatment is very different than the normal way that DMSO and chlorine dioxide are used. The reason for the intensity of this treatment is that it is necessary to kill EVERY microbe inside of EVERY cancer cell in a short amount of time. If you don’t accomplish that, the surviving microbes will continue to breed inside the cancer cells and the cancer will again start spreading. So it is a safe, but intense, treatment.

Why Is This Called the: Overnight Cure For Cancer?

The vast majority of alternative cancer treatments kill cancer cells. Cancer treatments which kill cancer cells can only kill so many cancer cells per day or else the debris from dead cancer cells can overwhelm the liver.

While chemotherapy must be “paced” because of all the damage done to non-cancerous cells; many alternative cancer treatments must be “paced” because they target cancer cells and kill so many of them that the liver is burdened with debris from dead cancer cells.

Thus, most alternative cancer treatments must be “paced,” meaning doses of substances must be limited to the ability of the liver to process the debris from dead cancer cells.

Some of the treatments that kill cancer cells also cause swelling and inflammation; even tumors can swell during the treatment. The reason for this is that if cancer cells are killed slowly, the immune system will recognize the cells as being “sick” and will attack them. The inflammation, swelling and possibly congestion (for lung cancer) can also cause alternative cancer treatments to need to be paced.

For example, the normal dosage for cesium chloride and DMSO must be cut in half for brain cancer and certain other cancer conditions.

However, when you kill the microbe(s) inside a cancer cell, but do NOT kill the cancer cell itself, the immune system is clueless as to what is going on, thus there is NO inflammation or swelling.

But equally important, when you revert a cancer cell into a normal cell there is no debris from dead cancer cells or broken apart DNA. The cell stays intact and the cell deals with the debris from the dead microbes “in house,” so to speak. The debris which goes outside the cell is minimal because the cancer cell itself if not killed.

Thus, in theory, a treatment which reverts cancer cells into normal cells could cure cancer within 24 hours!! But the only way to do that would be to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells without killing any cancer cells! That is exactly why the Rife Machine could safely cure cancer within minutes, without any danger to the patient.

Excluding electro medicine, there are more than a dozen natural substances which are known to be able to revert cancer cells into normal cells. However, none of them are practical as a cancer treatment for a variety of reasons.

But this treatment is practical, and that is why this treatment is called the “Overnight Cure For Cancer.” When this treatment is perfected, it literally will be able to cure cancer within 24 hours, without any debris from dead cancer cells, debris from broken DNA or swelling or inflammation from the immune system attacking cancer cells which are slowly dying.

The OCC is also safe for the liver, unless the liver has already been damaged by debris from dead cancer cells or chemotherapy.

The importance of perfecting this treatment cannot be overestimated. It overcomes all the problems of other alternative cancer treatments.

What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide has been studied by scientists for many years and has been mentioned in many scientific journals. However, it was Jim Humble who brought chlorine dioxide to the forefront of alternative medicine.

Jim’s initial discovery was somewhat of an accident. Two of his associates came down with malaria. Being deep in the jungle Jim only had one thing to treat them: stabilized water, which is chemically known as sodium chlorite. Do not confuse sodium chlorite with common table salt, which is sodium chloride

Both of his associates were cured of malaria deep in the jungles of Guyana. However, not everyone Jim gave the stabilized oxygen to was cured, but most were.

When Jim got back to America he started researching why several people had been cured of malaria. His conclusion was that part of the sodium chlorite was chemically converted into chlorine dioxide and that it was the chlorine dioxide which actually cured the malaria.

After more research, Jim settled on using 15 drops of chlorine dioxide, followed one hour later by another 15 drops, to cure malaria. AIDS/HIV can also be cured with chlorine dioxide, though the administration of chlorine dioxide is different.

Actually, chlorine dioxide is created by mixing sodium chlorite with an “activator.” The formula is 1 drop of sodium chlorite with 5 drops of the activator. More will be said about the activator below.

As a matter of terminology, 1 drop of sodium chlorite, mixed with 5 drops of an activator, is said to be “one drop of chlorine dioxide.” Thus, the 1 drop of sodium chlorite is converted into 1 drop of chlorine dioxide via 5 drops of an activator.

Normal stabilized oxygen (e.g. Vitamin O, Aerobic O7 or Aerobic KO7) is usually between 3% and 6% sodium chlorite. However, Jim developed a product (which he does NOT sell) which is 28% sodium chlorite and he calls it the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or MMS.

Do not confuse MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) with MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) which is a natural molecule found in nature. DMSO, by the way, is chemically related to MSM (not MMS). Both MMS and MSM are part of this treatment, so keep them apart in your mind.

Stabilized oxygen (i.e. sodium chlorite) has been used in alternative medicine for several decades. It is used primarily to prevent viral infections, such as colds and the flu, and to treat allergies.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is 28% sodium chlorite. The reason for this mixture is so that it will react more readily to the “activator,” meaning less of the activator will be needed per drop.

Vendors may sell bottles which recommend adding MMS to some form of vinegar as the activator. DO NOT USE VINEGAR AS AN ACTIVATOR WITH MMS!!! Vinegar can actually feed yeast infections.

The three things you can mix with MMS are (these are the three activators):
1) 10% citric acid solution (the recommended activator),
2) fresh squeezed lemon juice, which you squeeze yourself,
3) fresh squeezed lime juice, which you squeeze yourself,

Any of these three items will chemically react to the sodium chlorite to create chlorine dioxide. The powdered citric acid is the preferred item to mix with MMS, if it is purchased from a vendor of MMS. If it is not purchased from a vendor of MMS it may have been sitting on the shelf for many months. But MMS vendors have high turnover of citric acid, thus the product is always fresh.

10% citric acid mixes better with sodium chlorite than lemon juice or lime juice. When using chlorine dioxide transdermally, meaning through the skin, 10% citric acid (as the activator) also penetrates the skin better than lemon juice or lime juice. Lemon juice, for example, is somewhat oily on the skin. If this is all you can get, use it, but citric acid is the preferred way.

The things you should NOT mix with sodium chlorite are just as important as the things you should mix with it. For example, do NOT use any type of bottled lemon juice, such as ReaLemon, as it may have vitamin C added as a preservative.

The bottom line is to always use 10% citric acid, purchased from a vendor of MMS, or if you cannot get that, then use fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice (which you squeezed yourself). Nothing else is acceptable as an activator.

Also note the Miracle Mineral Supplement bottle should NOT be exposed directly to sunlight.

While you can buy chlorine dioxide over the internet, this website recommends that you make it yourself at home using MMS. You should make it at home and use it within an hour of making it.

Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Immune Builders

Vitamin C and other antioxidants can interfere with this treatment!! They interfere so much so that this treatment should not be taken at the same time as alternative cancer treatment products which include vitamin C, other antioxidants or immune builders.

This cannot be emphasized enough; you should not start this treatment until you have gone at least three days without any antioxidant (e.g. vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, etc.) or immune builder.

If your multi-vitamin has any of these things, do not take it before or during this treatment.

MSM is used during this treatment and unfortunately most MSM creams have antioxidants added to them. Do NOT use any MSM cream if any antioxidants have been added!!

You need to be fanatical about this as Vitamin C and other antioxidants can destroy this entire treatment.

In summary: Do NOT use the chlorine dioxide protocol at the same time as any substance which has Vitamin C, or any other antioxidant, including immune builders. Wait at least three days after discontinuing these treatments before starting the chlorine dioxide treatment.

It is all right to eat foods or drink liquids which have vitamins or antioxidants in them naturally. But do NOT consume any foods or liquids which have had antioxidants added as a preservative, stabilizer or for any other reason.


Curing cancer, especially advanced cancer, is in two parts. They are both equally important!!

The two parts are the “cancer cells” and the “non-cancerous cells.” The importance of the cancer cells is obvious. So why are the non-cancerous cells just as important as the cancer cells when treating cancer?

Many cancer patients, perhaps most cancer patients, die because of the damage done to their non-cancerous cells. Cancer cells steal vital nutrients from non-cancer cells, that is one reason cancer patients become so weak. In addition, chemotherapy and radiation do incredible damage to non-cancerous cells. Thus, in advanced cancer, the non-cancerous cells are very, very weak and very, very sick.

The Overnight Cure For Cancer will ONLY deal with cancer cells; it WILL NOT help the non-cancerous cells.

For example. Suppose there was a “magic bullet” (which hopefully the OCC will become) which safely ridded the body of all cancer cells within one day. Would the cancer patient be guaranteed to survive their cancer? The answer is ‘no’, because the non-cancerous cells are the cause of death in many cancer patients, if not most cancer patients. Thus, getting rid of the cancer cells is only half of the battle with cancer.

So here is the key question, should a cancer patient deal with the cancer cells first or the non-cancer cells first?

This question will be answered with a parable:

The Parable of the Thugs and the Preachers

Suppose there were 100 thugs who were locked in a building with 1,000 preachers. Suppose at every opportunity the thugs beat up the preachers. The preachers were getting weaker and weaker because of getting beat up daily by the thugs.

You are assigned to go in and help nourish the preachers back to health. What is the first thing you should do?

The first thing you should do is get rid of the thugs!! If you don’t get rid of the thugs you will not be able to nourish the preachers because they will continue to get beat up as you are trying to help them.

In exactly a similar way, it is critical to get rid of the cancer cells as quickly as possible!!

However, you cannot kill the cancer cells quickly or it will create so much debris you may kill the cancer patient.

But the Overnight Cure For Cancer does not kill cancer cells, not a single one. The OCC is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells very, very quickly.

This treatment should be used three times, until more is known about its effectiveness. There should be a two day period BETWEEN each of the three times this treatment is taken. The pre-OCC, which is taken the night before the actual OCC, can be counted as one of the two rest days.

Thus, the schedule will look like this:
Day 1) Pre-OCC Day (4 “doses” taken the night before the OCC). This day will be discussed below.
Day 2) The complete OCC
Day 3) Rest and eat healthy foods to nourish the non-cancerous calls,
Day 4) Rest and eat healthy foods to nourish the non-cancerous calls, but also take the pre-OCC,
Day 5) The complete OCC
Day 6) Rest and eat healthy foods to nourish the non-cancerous calls,
Day 7) Rest and eat healthy foods to nourish the non-cancerous calls, but also take the pre-OCC,
Day 8) The complete OCC

After this, you should go on other alternative cancer treatments.

During the time you are buying the items in the OCC you should also be ordering the items in the Cellect-Budwig Protocol, the Bill Henderson Protocol or whatever alternative cancer treatment you choose.


Taking Chlorine Dioxide: Oral or Transdermally?

As mentioned above, Vitamin C, other antioxidants and immune builders, should not be taken during the same time periods as MMS/Chlorine Dioxide. This is good advice.

However, most websites recommend chlorine dioxide be taken orally. When taken orally, the treatment can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc. The side-effects are so severe it can take many weeks for a patient to build up to a therapeutic dose. These side-effects only happen if you take this treatment orally. It is the stomach which is causing these side-effects. If you take this treatment transdermally, meaning through the skin; the stomach, and its side-effects, can be totally avoided.

Due to the volume of chlorine dioxide which will be taken in a short amount of time, taking chlorine dioxide orally is absolutely not an option for this treatment.

In addition, since the DMSO is so very critical to this treatment, the DMSO will also cause some stomach upset if taken orally. Thus, there is a second reason to take the treatment transdermally.

But the most important advantage of taking it transdermally is that with transdermal applications, higher doses can be taken (actually small doses are taken several times), and the high daily doses can be achieved much more quickly.

It is rare when more than 30 drops of chlorine dioxide are taken in a day. In this protocol, 130 drops, depending on the weight of the patient, are taken. The drops are spread out evenly over 12 hours (it is critical to spread out the drops). Thus, this is a different kind of treatment.


The Substances Needed For the OCC

Miracle Mineral Supplement Information: eBook 1 (free) and eBook 2 (About $10):

Here is a checklist of things you need for this treatment. Unfortunately you will need three different vendors to get everything you need:
1) MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement – 28% sodium chlorite) – at least 4 bottles,
2) 10% citric acid (usually in powdered form which you add distilled water to), which should come with the MMS,
3) DMSO – two 8 ounce glass or hard plastic bottles,
4) MSM crystals to be made into “MSM Water” (see below).

To buy MMS, one vendor is: [Miracle Mineral Supplement]

The DMSO should be at least 99% pure DMSO, mixed with distilled water. The mixture is 70% DMSO and 30% distilled water. Do NOT use DMSO with less than 30% water. Also, DO NOT use a DMSO gel or DMSO cream. These will not bind to chlorine dioxide!!!

Here is one of many vendors of DMSO on the Internet where you can obtain DMSO (you generally cannot buy it at health food stores):

Here is a vendor of MSM crystals/powder (I recommend Lignisul “granular crystals.”):

The purpose of the MSM is to prevent the DMSO from breaking down inside the body. It is a very important part of the treatment!! MSM will penetrate the skin, just like DMSO, but it will NOT bind to other molecules or carry them through the skin.

In some cases a person can obtain all the substances needed for the OCC except for the MSM. The MSM Water is highly recommended for this treatment, but it is optional. In other words, don’t let the lack of MSM stop the rest of this treatment.

Making “MSM Water”

Here is how you make a gallon of MSM water:
1) Take a gallon of DISTILLED water,
2) Pour out about 2 cups of the distilled water,
3) ADD 1 and 1/2 CUPS of MSM granules to the gallon jug.

It will take about half-an-hour for the MSM to totally dissolve in the water. Shake the jug every few minutes until it is totally dissolved at the bottom of the jug. This is the “MSM Water.”

How to Make “ONE DOSE” of Chlorine Dioxide and DMSO

How many times you take the dose of chlorine dioxide and DMSO will be discussed later. But first, we need to understand how to make “One Dose.”

READ THIS SECTION SEVERAL TIMES to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Especially read it AFTER making one or two doses!! You would also be smart to have a second person look at the instructions to make sure you both agree on how to make “One Dose.”

Step 1: Measuring the MMS

Using the lid on the bottle of MMS, put exactly 10 drops of MMS in a small bowl. This should equal 1/8 of a Teaspoon.

If you weigh between 110 pounds and 130 pounds, use 8 drops instead of 10 drops. IF you weigh 110 pounds or less, use 6 drops instead of 10 drops.

All the instructions below this section are NOT based on weight.

Step 3: Measuring the Volume of the Activator

The “activator” will either be citric acid or lemon juice or lime juice. Each will now be discussed.

Making the Citric Acid
If you are using 10% citric acid as the activator, make sure you dissolve it in water before using it. Here is the formula for what to put in the blue bottle:
1) Put 2 Teaspoons of the citric acid powder in the blue bottle,
2) ADD 3 ounces (i.e. 6 Tablespoons) of water to the blue bottle (preferably distilled water or reverse osmosis water).

This will fill about 3/4 of the blue bottle. This formula has the correct 10% citric acid mixture. Use doses for the activator using the blue bottle.

Lemon Juice or Lime Juice
If you use lemon juice or lime juice as the activator, make sure you filter out all particles using a common kitchen strainer.

The Volume of the Activator
Regardless of your weight, use 5/8 of a Teaspoon of the “activator” (e.g. 10% citric acid) to the MMS.

At this point you should ADD the correct volume of the activator (citric acid, lemon juice or lime juice) to the MMS you already put in the small bowl.

Step 4: Your FIRST Wait of 3 Minutes

AFTER MIXING the MMS (i.e. sodium chlorite) with the activator, stir the mixture, then let it sit for 3 minutes, stirring the mixture every 30 seconds. This three minute wait creates the chlorine dioxide.

Step 5: Measuring the DMSO

AFTER the 3 minutes needed to make chlorine dioxide, add the liquid DMSO to the mixture.

In the same small bowl add 3/4 of a Teaspoon of DMSO. In other words, this is added to the chlorine dioxide you made above regardless of your weight.

Step 6: Your SECOND Wait of 3 Minutes

After ADDING the DMSO to the chlorine dioxide you need to mix the mixture, then wait an additional 3 minutes, stirring the mixture every 30 seconds.

This is the SECOND TIME you have waited 3 minutes. This time you are waiting for the DMSO to bind to the chlorine dioxide.

After this second wait of 3 minutes you have a mixture which is defined to be “One Dose” of Chlorine Dioxide / DMSO.


Clarifying What “One Dose” Means

The steps above can be summarized thusly:

1) Put 10 drops (or 8 drops or 6 drops) of MMS in a small bowl,
2) Add 5/8th of a Teaspoon of the “activator” (citric acid, lemon juice or lime juice),
3) WAIT 3 minutes (stir at first and every 30 seconds) to make the chlorine dioxide,
4) Add 3/4 of a Teaspoon of DMSO,
5) WAIT an additional 3 minutes (stir at first and every 30 seconds) for the DMSO to bind to the chlorine dioxide.

You Have Now Made “One Dose”!!

The mixture you made above contains 10 drops (or 8 drops or 6 drops) of MMS, plus an activator plus DMSO. The entire mixture of MMS, activator and DMSO is called “One Dose.” By definition, if you take “10 or 8 or 6 drops” of chlorine dioxide, you are taking “One Dose,” meaning the entire mixture above.

Let me repeat that a different way. When it says to take “10 drops (or 8 drops or 6 drops) of chlorine dioxide” it is NOT talking about 10 drops (or 8 drops or 6 drops) of the mixture, it is talking about the ENTIRE mixture!!

Thus, you will never measure drops of the mixture. You will always take the entire mixture because the entire mixture is called “One Dose.”

Step 7: Putting the Mixture on the Skin (Transdermally)

When the second three minute wait is completed, you can rub the entire mixture onto your skin. Spread the mixture so that it is thin on your skin. This way it will penetrate faster and will create less of a skin rash.

If is very important to rotate where you put the mixture on the skin. During the “prep” day you will take “One Dose” 4 times, where each dose is separated by 1 hour. The first time you may want to put it on your arms. The second time you may want to rub it on your leg thighs. The third time you may want to rub it on your leg calves. The next time you use it you will rotate back to your arms. And so on. The person’s back can also be used.

By rotating where you put the mixture your skin has 3 hours to completely recover from the DMSO pulling the chlorine dioxide through the skin.

Having said all of these things, an even higher priority would be to put the mixture as close to the cancer as possible. As much as your skin can tolerate it, put as much of the mixture on the skin above where the cancer is located.

There are ways to protect your skin, no matter where you put the mixture. Ten minutes after putting the “One Dose” on the appropriate place on your body (if you can wait that long), you can put MSM Water on that location of the skin if there is any rash developing.

Thus, you have two different ways to protect your skin during the treatment; first, by spreading the mixture as thin and wide as possible, and second, by using MSM water ten minutes after spreading the mixture on the skin. But as mentioned before, put the mixture as close to the cancer as possible as much as you can.

It should be mentioned that latex gloves, rubber gloves or any other kind of gloves should NOT be used to spread any mixture containing DMSO. The DMSO can pull the materials in these gloves through the skin. Always use bare hands to spread the mixture.


Phase One of the OCC – the “Pre-OCC” – the Night Before the Main OCC

Note: If at any time during the “Pre-OCC Day” or the “OCC Day,” if you do not feel well, terminate the treatment immediately. This treatment is not toxic, but there may be individuals who have a reaction to the DMSO or chlorine dioxide.

For most situations, the chlorine dioxide / DMSO protocol will be in two phases:

Phase One is the day before the actual Overnight Cure For Cancer (OCC). On this day you will take four doses of chlorine dioxide and DMSO, separating each dose by one hour.

You should take these four doses after dinner. Thus, you might take them at:
6:00 PM (1800)
7:00 PM (1900)
8:00 PM (2000)
9:00 PM (2100)

Also, at the one-half hour mark, between the one hour marks, you need to spread one Tablespoon of MSM Water on the skin, especially where you had put the DMSO. This is in ADDITION to any MSM Water you used to prevent skin rashes.

Thus, your Pre-OCC schedule might be like this:
6:00 PM (1800) – One Dose of the Chlorine Dioxide / DMSO Mixture
6:30 PM (1830) – MSM Water ONLY
7:00 PM (1900) – One Dose of the Chlorine Dioxide / DMSO Mixture
7:30 PM (1930) – MSM Water ONLY
8:00 PM (2000) – One Dose of the Chlorine Dioxide / DMSO Mixture
8:30 PM (2030) – MSM Water ONLY
9:00 PM (2100) – One Dose of the Chlorine Dioxide / DMSO Mixture

This pre-OCC is critical!!! The purpose of Phase One is to kill the microbes in the bloodstream. If you do not do this, some of the chlorine dioxide / DMSO in Phase Two, the actual OCC, will be diverted to kill microbes in the bloodstream. This is not the goal of Phase Two. The goal of Phase Two is to kill the microbes INSIDE the cancer cells to revert the cancer cells back into normal cells.

Phase Two of the OCC – The Main OCC

The actual OCC (i.e. Phase Two) consists of 13 doses of chlorine dioxide and DMSO. If you cannot make the 13 doses, do the best you can.

As before, they should be taken one hour apart.

As before, at the half-hour mark between CD/DMSO doses, you should put MSM Water on your skin.

Let us assume you start at 8:00 A.M. Your schedule would look like this:


Dose #


What to Take


Hour #01-DOSE

8:00 AM (0800)

One Dose


Hour #01-MSM

8:30 AM (0830)







Hour #02-DOSE

9:00 AM (0900)

One Dose


Hour #02-MSM

9:30 AM (0930)







Hour #03-DOSE

10:00 AM (1000)

One Dose


Hour #03-MSM

10:30 AM (1030)







Hour #04-DOSE

11:00 AM (1100)

One Dose


Hour #04-MSM

11:30 AM (1130)







Hour #05-DOSE

12:00 PM (1200)

One Dose


Hour #05-MSM

12:30 PM (1230)







Hour #06-DOSE

1:00 PM (1300)

One Dose


Hour #06-MSM

1:30 PM (1330)







Hour #07-DOSE

2:00 PM (1400)

One Dose


Hour #07-MSM

2:30 PM (1430)







Hour #08-DOSE

3:00 PM (1500)

One Dose


Hour #08-MSM

3:30 PM (1530)







Hour #09-DOSE

4:00 PM (1600)

One Dose


Hour #09-MSM

4:30 PM (1630)







Hour #10-DOSE

5:00 PM (1700)

One Dose


Hour #10-MSM

5:30 PM (1730)







Hour #11-DOSE

6:00 PM (1800)

One Dose


Hour #11-MSM

6:30 PM (1830)







Hour #12-DOSE

7:00 PM (1900)

One Dose


Hour #12-MSM

7:30 PM (1930)







Hour #13-DOSE

8:00 PM (2000)

One Dose








You are DONE (no MSM is needed after the 13th “One Dose”).

It doesn’t matter what time of the day you take the actual treatment. That is up to you, but from beginning to end it is 12 complete hours.

As mentioned above, the intent of this treatment is to kill every MICROBE, inside of every cancer cell. Any cancer cell which has all of its microbes killed will, in about a week, revert into a normal cell.

As a final comment, this treatment may cause bad breath on the day of the OCC and the day after the OCC.

What To Eat For The Treatment

Pay close attention to the “cancer diet” while on any cancer treatment. AVOID sugar, refined flour, meat (unless the patient is extremely frail), dairy products (except for the Budwig Diet), etc. If you eat whole, raw foods, you will be OK. During this treatment, the wrong foods will feed cancer cells and will interfere with the ability of DMSO to penetrate the cell membranes.

What To Expect From This Treatment

The objective of this treatment is to revert cancer cells into normal cells. If this is what happens, this is what you can expect from this treatment:

First, reverting cancer cells into normal cells WILL NOT shrink tumors. If the cancer cells are removed from the tumor by this treatment, the body should eventually get rid of any tumors, but it will not happen quickly.

Second, for the same reasons, the OCC will not get rid of any fibrin. What happens to the fibrin when the cancer is gone is unknown at this time.

Third, the OCC SHOULD reduce the pain of cancer within 2 or 3 weeks. Whether the pain is caused by lactic acid or some other cause, most types of pain will be reduced by this treatment. Pain caused by tumors pressing against some other part of the body will not be immediately affected by this treatment.

Fourth, a cancer patient who has very low energy levels can expect an increase in energy within a couple of weeks. As cancer cells are reverted into normal cells the non-cancerous cells get a boost of energy because the cancer cells are no longer stealing glucose and nutrients from the non-cancerous cells.

Fifth, the OCC should stop the spread of cancer. This will not be obvious for awhile; but without any cancer cells, there is no reason for the cancer to spread. This, of course, is more important for fast-spreading cancers.

Sixth, swelling and inflammation should also be reduced by this treatment within a few weeks. However, this will depend on what is causing the swelling and inflammation.

In summary, tumors and fibrin will not immediately be affected by this treatment. These will take the longest to be affected by this treatment. The reduction of fibrin may be helped by taking proteolytic enzyme supplements, also known as pancreatic enzyme supplements.

How You Can Help Other Cancer Patients!!

This treatment can never be perfected without information from people who have used the treatment. It is this information, and nothing else, which will allow us to fine-tune this treatment for other cancer patients. If you do not contact the ICRF, then you are only benefiting yourself, not others, with information that may help them.

REMEMBER that it will take about two weeks to notice ANY difference because it will take about two weeks for the cancer cells to make the adjustment in their metabolism to become normal cells again.

If you want us to be able to measure how effective this treatment is, then please take the Navarro Urine Test at least THREE WEEKS AFTER the last OCC you take. That is actually the most important information the ICRF can receive!! Tell the truth, we are researchers.
The Navarro Urine Test

The second most important thing you can do for other cancer patients is keep a daily diary of your experiences on this treatment, whether you take the OCC once or twice or three times. The main things to include in the diary are how you feel, any unexpected symptoms, a general description of your diet (not too detailed), and similar types of information.

Start the diary the day before the OCC and explain exactly how the cancer patient (which may be you or someone else) feels. Then keep the daily diary going for at least three or four weeks after the OCC, explaining how the cancer patient feels every day. Also include the results and dates of CT scans, PET scans or the Navarro Urine Test.

Email this accumulating diary to the IRCF every two weeks!!

To contact the ICRF, whether you have questions or comments or need to tell us you are taking the protocol, email support is provided. Be sure to include “OCC” somewhere in your Subject line so your email is not mistaken for spam:
Send the ICRF an E-mail about your experience.




Thank You and Good Luck!



Disclaimer; This information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to lead anyone away from a qualified health practitioner. We make absolutely no claims to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. These products are for personal research and investigation. We cannot take any responsibility for those who may want to treat themselves. If you have a medical condition, we urge you to be supervised by a qualified healthcare professional of your choice. This product, along with all protocols, recommendations, and information have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not approved for human use or application. 


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